Universe—I release to you all that no longer serves me. Please guide me on my path to manifesting my best life.

This post is going to be a little different than my previous posts. This morning, I listened to a live stream by the Manifestion Babe. She brought up one of my favorite practices of late and I want to share my practice with you all—releasing what no longer serves me and inviting that which helps me manifest my best life to flourish.

What is manifestation? I first heard this word in relation to mental health and embracing ourselves several months ago during a live feed by Bri Mosher. I was hooked on this concept from the jump. Essentially, we all have the power to create the lives we want simply by believing our lives are already the way we want them to be! It isn’t some magical instantaneous cure-all, but by not living in some magical future, you can start embracing the here and now and make that future more likely to happen!

For example, I have experienced weight issues my entire life. I believed that I would never be happy, feel sexy, or be loved until I lost the weight and looked like a super model. I lost the weight, once, but I still wasn’t happy. My mentality hadn’t changed. I had lost 90+ pounds, but I wouldn’t be content until I had lost 100, despite bordering on anorexia. I still felt ugly, unloved, and not sexy. I had an inappropriate relationship with food, hated eating because food was the enemy, had severe anxiety over eating “bad” foods, and exercised hours a day to compensate for any “bad” foods I ate.

Fast forward a couple years and I have nearly gained all the weight back—and I’m more confident and comfortable in my body than I was 70 pounds ago! Why? Because I learned that it was never about the weight, but how I felt about myself. I kept living in this dream world where everything would be better when I was skinny. The reality was, things weren’t better. I wasn’t healthier. I might have looked better to some people, but I still felt fat. Today, I’m 220 pounds but I love my body. And that started with believing that I could be happy no matter what my body looked like. I manifested this confidence through small steps and practice. I started challenging my negative thoughts when they came up. “Nobody will love you if you’re fat.” Plenty of people love me just the way I am! And if a partner doesn’t like my body, I’ll find one that does! Or better yet, I don’t care if other people like my body. I like my body. It’s strong, it’s taken my abuse for YEARS and still supports me. It gets up every day and does what I ask it to. And I love dessert way too damn much to ever give it up!

That’s great and all, but how do I practice manifesting my best life? How do I show up as my authentic self? With a lot of work. It isn’t easy to start, but once you start feeling the difference, you’ll never stop! My current favorite practice involves taking an inventory of myself (thank you AA!) and objectively looking at where I am not doing my best. Have I been hurtful, unkind, selfish (in a bad way, there are good ways to be selfish!), said something that might of been misconstrued, or treated myself badly? What have I done that made me feel good? I write out these lists (sometimes I just do them in my head) and make a specific list of things that aren’t serving me anymore.

Things that no longer serve me—low self worth, letting others define my worth, people that don’t add value to my life or are hurtful to me, insecurity, shame over my past, worry about the future, the list goes on and on! On the full moon, I take this list and reflect on the past month, making sure it’s complete. I’ll take a nice bath with candles and calming music (highly recommend some binaural beats!) and spend time with just myself. I reread this list, then burn it (safely) watching each item be released from me. It’s very symbolic and gives me the sense that I’m really letting go. I can let go of rumination, future-tripping (living in the future), and shame over things that happened years ago that I’m not doing anymore. I can accept today and this very moment and be at peace.

Then comes focusing what I want to manifest in the next lunar cycle. What areas do I want to grow in? I set an intention to live my most authentic and fulfilling life each day and open my mind to the universe, allowing it to speak to me and show me the path. Sometimes clear signs come to me, other times they’re convoluted. But the important thing is opening your mind and being willing to see the signs.

Keep an eye out for future posts in which I’ll share some of the signs I’ve received and how I’ve interpreted them!

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