Harvest Moon Rises

Full moon rises, signaling the final cycle of summer. With it comes waves of emotions as it pulls at us. What did the last month bring? What will next month bring? What does she need to be rid of?

She reflected on the powers controlling her, realizing how much she was influenced by others still. She had soft boundaries, giving in to please others. No more. This moon, the harvest moon, corn moon, symbolized her finally reaping the rewards of this past year. She had a firm foundation, now she could begin reaping the rewards.

This moon, she would be free. She would release other’s control over her. She would sever ties with the men who had hurt her. Though she no longer saw them, there were wounds on her soul. She had held on to these wounds long enough. She had to let them go, let them heal. The scars would remain, but the pain would leave. She wasn’t that victim any longer. She let them go.

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