Marshmallow Brain

Thoughts move slowly, pushing through the thick fog. Getting lost. What was she thinking? What was she doing? What happened to the last hour? Her brain was stuffed. Full of sticky thoughts. Staring at walls, not knowing what to do. She wanted to do something, and nothing. It was too hard to think. Every thought was labored. She was exhausted.

She needed to work, but thoughts would not focus. Everything a distraction. When did it become noon? Time was warped. She felt she was losing her mind. The pressure in her forehead growing. Eye’s darted every which way. Things looked strange. She couldn’t form coherent sentences.

This was marshmallow brain, she realized. A term she had coined over the years for the mental fog. There was too much in her head. She needed to break it up. Let it go. Let the stress go. Let the universe guide her where she needed to be and stop fighting it. She would be ok. Rest. It would get better in time. The fog never lasted forever.

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