The voice of fear

That voice in your head telling you not to try,  you’ll only get hurt. Silence it. That voice telling you you aren’t good enough,  tell it you are. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that fears the worst case, breathe through it.

She always wanted to give into the fear, to run away, let it win. That was the easy road. The easy road, while low-risk, was also low-reward.

She was facing a new adventure, something she’d never had before. It terrified her. What if everything went wrong? What if she wasn’t good enough? What if she got hurt? What if she didn’t?

The thought of not getting hurt scared her more than the rest. Pain was familiar. Disappointment always expected. This new frontier? She didn’t know what to expect. Was this excitement or fear? Or are they two sides of the same coin? Only time will tell.

One thought on “The voice of fear

  1. Astounding exhibition of imagery! Thank you for sharing such an incredible post. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 🙂


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