Death and Rebirth, a week of transformation is coming

My tarot journey began in August and has been a transformative one thus far. Today I’m going to share a little about my current practices and my week to come.

I start each morning off with a single card pull, asking the deck what it needs to show me today. I record this card in my journal to help connect card meanings with real life experiences. At night, I ask my deck what it needs to show me tonight and record.

Each week I do a single card pull asking about the week to come. I record this and my interpretation for the coming week. At the end of each week, I summarize what the previous week brought me.

This week’s card was Death♾rebirth. I feel the meaning of this card to my core. The past couple of days have already been transformative for me, and this heralds a symbolic death, giving way to rebirth. What will this week bring for me? Transformation and metamorphosis. I look forward to sharing with you all.

Please comment if interested in learning more about tarot or to share your stories!

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