When the lights go out

I haven’t written in a while. What is there to say with all that is going on? I spiraled into a deep depression, got help, and started to improve. But sometimes life has other plans. The demons come out to play. The darkness follows. I turned 28 two weeks ago. Until the past 15 months, … More When the lights go out


If you haven’t read the background story, you can find that here. Last weekend I went to my mom’s house to help her clean out her house. She’d been asking for a long time and I finally did it. In the process I came across this journal I shared with John when we were teenagers. … More Forgiveness

The demon frazzle

Stagnant energy filled her soul. Exhaustion permeating ever bone in her body. Day after day, all the same. She was frazzled. That’s the best word to describe it. Anxiety and emotional turmoil finally beat her down so that she frayed at the edges. It had a name. As with any demon, knowing it’s name gave … More The demon frazzle

New beginnings

A year ago her life felt hopeless. She was lost, adrift at sea. Today she has conquered many fears, faced her past, and branched out. She faces new challenges as mountains to climb. Hard work, yes, but the high of reaching the summit pushes her forward. She can and will conquer all challenges.

Wait– I get to decide what I believe? A journey to spirituality and freedom.

The girl was raised in a loosely Christian household. She went to church with her family as a child, went to Sunday school, participated in Christmas plays, and prayed. She never felt hate in her childhood church, and to this day, this church holds a special place in her heart. She sold painted rocks to … More Wait– I get to decide what I believe? A journey to spirituality and freedom.