Once she was a little girl

Once she was a little girl, with flowers in her hair. She knew not the ways of the world, she knew not the future hurt. Once she was a little girl, who built up walls, hid from the world. She did not know what life would bring, all she could was hide and sing. Once … More Once she was a little girl

The demon frazzle

Stagnant energy filled her soul. Exhaustion permeating ever bone in her body. Day after day, all the same. She was frazzled. That’s the best word to describe it. Anxiety and emotional turmoil finally beat her down so that she frayed at the edges. It had a name. As with any demon, knowing it’s name gave … More The demon frazzle

On Apathy

That feeling of nothing permeated her every moment. Moments of fleeting joy quickly turned sour as her brain couldn’t catch up. She was not sad, she was nothing. No joy, no tears, no anger. Floating through the days, waiting for the one where she would wake up and be herself again. She knew the day … More On Apathy

Fighting destiny, letting life happen on life’s terms

Exhaustion plagued every moment. She slept but was greeted with her mind’s twisted visions. On awakening, she never felt awake. She struggled through each day, being constantly pushed back into the grips of exhaustion. She was so tired. When would it get better? The loneliness had it’s claws around her. No matter how hard she … More Fighting destiny, letting life happen on life’s terms

New beginnings

A year ago her life felt hopeless. She was lost, adrift at sea. Today she has conquered many fears, faced her past, and branched out. She faces new challenges as mountains to climb. Hard work, yes, but the high of reaching the summit pushes her forward. She can and will conquer all challenges.

Wait– I get to decide what I believe? A journey to spirituality and freedom.

The girl was raised in a loosely Christian household. She went to church with her family as a child, went to Sunday school, participated in Christmas plays, and prayed. She never felt hate in her childhood church, and to this day, this church holds a special place in her heart. She sold painted rocks to … More Wait– I get to decide what I believe? A journey to spirituality and freedom.

Story of The Girl

*Trigger Warning She was a girl born into a family of chaos. From the start, her existence was one of chance. Her mother became pregnant with her while on birth control, but a round of antibiotics made her existence possible. She was born the day before her brother’s 4th birthday, which sparked a jealousy that … More Story of The Girl